Do you find yourself reaching the point of wanting to watch motivational speaking clips or listen to podcasts to give you the inspirational boost you need, but you lack the time necessary?

Most people out there have the same issue. As soon as we sit down to listen to a talk that really can assist us with anything we’re enduring, we are normally overloaded. Work takes up 33% of our day, sleeping another 33% (if you sleep eight hours). The rest of the day consists of making food, driving around, going home and looking after our families. There is very little time allotted to become inspired.

Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of pint-sized TED Talks on success that can be watched in your fifteen minute tea break or your thirty minute lunch break.


Try Something New for 30 Days



8 Secrets of Success



How to Start a Movement




Got a Meeting? Take a Walk



Success is a Continuous Journey