Our Recruitment Consultant on the month is Rozel Bester (pictured below). She has studied her BA Honours in Psychology and is currently studying towards her Bcom Honours in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Her personal interests consist of learning new things and expanding her knowledge through experiencing life, as well as interacting with people who enjoy sharing knowledge and wisdom.


CIP: What do you enjoy about working at Corporate IT Placements?

Rozel: The people I come into contact with on a daily basis, and being able to assist those in need to find the opportunity they have been looking for by providing a platform where they can display their skills and expertise.


CIP: What drew you to apply at Corporate IT Placements?

Rozel: I was looking for an opportunity to learn new skills and refine/enhance existing skills. At the stage that I applied for the position, the company was willing to provide me with the platform for skills development and growth.


CIP: What fulfilment do you get out of being a Recruitment Consultant?

Rozel: There is no better feeling than to help others by providing them with better job opportunities. There is no better feeling than that of knowing you were able to change someone’s life for the better.


CIP: What are your day-to-day “duties”?

Rozel: First and foremost, there is more admin than one would think. On a daily basis we, as the Recruitment team, place advertisements, source skilled candidates with the “it” factor that the client is looking for, conduct interviews, do reference checks, submit candidates and get them out for referrals, give feedback and a contract or two every now and again.


CIP: Do you have any advice for prospective and future candidates?

Rozel: After all the training I have received, the advice I can give is as follows:

  • Make sure your CV is organized. If you really want to make an impression, give us a summary of your skills and experience with relation to the position you have applied for. Include a cover letter and show off your skills as well as your knowledge of the prospective employer.
  • Tell us about the duties and responsibilities that you had at your previous employer(s), we are nosey – we like to know and look for hidden gems.
  • Always check your dates of employment and include start month and year as well as end month and year.
  • Just be yourself and be proud of that person. Do not misrepresent yourself as we are trained to notice. I would rather market someone with little experience and a lot of heart than someone who promises but fails to deliver.