Nerves are a given when going for an interview – especially when it’s for a position that you really want. Preparation is key, but preparing for an interview can tend to be quite the mundane task, and not really something all of us are too keen on spending copious amounts of time on. As the iconic Katherine Hepburn said, “death will be a great relief, there are no more interviews.”

As a Recruitment Agency, we are invested in each candidate that we deal with. We come to learn more about everyone, and build working relationships. We love those we work with, and we want to help – hence our job interview tips.

For your interview preparation, we have found a way to make things slightly more interesting.

Here are some TED Talks to help you prepare for your next interview. We know you’ll ace it!


 Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are



Talk Nerdy to Me



How to Spot a Liar



The Optimism Bias



How to Speak So That People Want to Listen