First impressions are more than simply the way you carry yourself throughout the entire interview and placement process, whether it be with the Recruiter or the manager at the company you may or may not be employed at.

Every time something new is looked into about who you are as a person, there is a first impression instantly produced.

Read below on how to translate your persona and your morals via every possible medium that may form a part of your individual placement process.

Before looking into all that can be changed, ask yourself one question. How you present yourself is how people first view you. What are you showcasing?


Social Media

In the generation of today, social media does and will get looked at, as potential employers would like to know more about the personal life of their possible new employee.

That being said, be sure to hide the raucous party photos, as well as any memes/funny images that may be deemed offensive by the employer, whether it be due to their religion or their race.


Contact Details

Professing your love for your favourite musician via your email address was acceptable when you were a teenager. As a respectable adult attending a job interview, not so much.

Create a separate email address consisting of your name, surname, and an extra character or two to use for sending out CVs, as well on your actual CV.


Grammar & Punctuation

In 2018, there is zero excuse for grammar and punctuation errors. If you are using Microsoft Word, the option is there for Spellchecker.

If you remain uncertain, ask a friend or colleague to proofread your CV and your cover letter to make sure that there are zero mistakes.



Believe it or not, your first impression on the receptionist of the company is a significant one. She/he is not “just the receptionist”. They are truly the person who is able to tell the interviewer what kind of person the candidate is. They have a surprising amount of influence within an organization.

The same applies to the assistants, never assume someone is “just the receptionist” or “just the assistant”. You may just be visiting the company for not only the first time, but the last time too.


Know Enough About the Company

If you have been told which company you are interviewing for, be sure to do your research before the time. Visit their website, read through the information regarding what the company does, and if possible, gain some insight into the company culture. Your first impression will thank you for it!


Individuals make impressions and judgements about others very quickly, and with very minimal information. Once those judgements are made, they are very difficult to undo. You only get one chance.