The Recruitment Consultant that you deal with is the one that makes your life easier – they are the ones who straighten out the process, deal with your possible future employer the most, and they boost your reputation on your behalf.

Whilst they do this, they have also been trained to analyse the tiniest details of your CV. They also want to be attracted to look and feel of the document. Studies have shown that a Recruitment Consultant looks at a CV for mere seconds before moving on to the next one.

We know the ins and outs of everything that goes into ensuring your CV makes it past the first cut. We have shared a few of our secrets below to help you make the best of it!


Concise Cover Letter

A cover letter is more important than what some realize. There is also a difference between your cover letter and the body of the email you send out – a topic that we will touch on before long.

Be sure to include a short description as to why you would be a good fit for the position, and why you are applying.

An example to start you off with could be:

Your advertisement for the position of a ________ is of great interest to me as based on your requirements/description, I believe I am a perfect fit for the job”.


Personal Picture

Not all Recruitment Consultants look at this, but it is better for them to be able to see the person that they will be dealing with. Studies have proven that the subconscious can attach a deeper “connection” with regards to this.



Recruitment Consultants and employers are always looking for someone that is driven and who possesses goals. The questions pertaining to these two are frequently asked within an interview, but it can be beneficial to list a short description of your objective(s) in your CV.


Willing to Relocate?

This could fall under “making the life of the Recruitment Consultant slightly easier”. Listing whether you are available to relocate or not is always beneficial. Should you have any preferences regarding relocation, list these too.


Format is Key

The format of your CV could be one of the most important details, if not the most important. Many Recruitment Consultants come across CVs that, putting it bluntly, are messy and unorganized. This makes it difficult to read and is more of a frustration that anything else. Keep your design simple, make use of the spelling and grammar checker, use headlines and be sure to correctly section off the different categories e.g. Employment History and Education, etc.


Steer Clear from TMI

There is a fine line between just enough information and way too much information. The easiest way to remain on the correct side of the line is to stick to the specifics as much as possible. You are welcome to go into detail, but be sure that it is relevant and specific.


Bullet Points, Bullet Points, Bullet Points

We greatly advise against listing all your responsibilities in one large paragraph. This makes it far more difficult to dissect the truly crucial and relevant information. Bullet points go a long way in a CV, it displays organization and the Recruitment Consultant can gain a better feel of what you really accomplished at your place of work.