About Corporate IT Placements

As a specialist IT recruitment and job search agency, we strive to remain abreast of our clients’ recruitment needs and to deliver on these to the best of our ability. The relevance of our business and value of our offering is directly related to our being in touch with the skills needed in the IT industry.

Corporate IT Placements strives to be recognized as the best IT specialist recruitment company in South Africa. We understand the importance of IT in the modern business environment and how it can contribute to the overall success of the business. That’s why we make every effort to provide the best candidate-to-job match.

Why work with us?

  • We specialize in the IT industry and have an extensive and well-screened database of candidates for IT jobs.
  • We have IT recruitment consultants in all the major centres, providing us with a national footprint for IT job searches.
  • We offer IT professionals a job search platform that draws from all the leading online IT job vacancy portals.

The Corporate IT Placements team operates at all times with integrity, discretion and care for both clients and candidates. We are strongly committed to:

  • Providing excellent service to both our candidates and clients.
  • Employing the best consultants and staff.
  • Communicating clearly and effectively with our clients.
  • Securing the best opportunities for both clients and candidates.
  • Being attentive to the needs of our contract and field staff.

Our people

Amanda Dolan – General Manager

Nicole Van As – Recruitment Consultant

Rusche Boshoff – Recruitment Consultant

Bilqees Abrahams – Recruitment Consultant

Zuber Bhayla – Recruitment Manager – Call Centre

If you’re serious about your career or helping someone else grow theirs – call 021 914 2928 today.