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Wanting to ‘up your game’? Corporate IT Placements is more than just a specialist IT recruitment and placement agency; we strive to encourage professionalism in the industry and also to assist new entrants to make a positive impact on prospective interviewers and employers. Watch this space for some handy ‘how to’ articles!

Tips for Acing a Job Interview

The interview process can be a daunting one, and as an IT Recruitment Agency, we know the questions that certain candidates tend to get stuck on the most. We are a business about people, which means we want to help! For this reason, we have compiled a handful of...

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Profile of a Recruitment Consultant

Our Recruitment Consultants are an extremely important aspect of what we do. They possess a unique set of skills which assists with turning can’ts into cans, and dreams into plans. They provide the required candidates for our highly valued clients, and their...

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