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Founded in 2010, our clients include both career-minded individuals looking for companies that can offer rewarding career paths and organisations who are not willing to settle for ‘second best’ when it comes to filling a key job vacancy on their IT or IT management team. We combine extensive IT knowledge with leading-edge human resource selection skills to present our clients with the best possible IT job candidates.

Why talk to us?

  • We are a specialist IT job search and recruitment agency with an extensive and thoroughly screened database of IT professionals looking for a suitable IT job vacancies,
  • We have recruitment consultants in all the major centres, providing us with a national footprint for job searches,
  • We offer IT professionals a job search platform that draws from all the leading online IT job vacancy portals.

Once we’ve shortlisted the best available candidates, we present these to our clients and then also set up interview slots. We also encourage our candidates to do proper research into the prospective employer.

Once a candidate is placed on a contract basis, they sign a Limited Duration Contract with Corporate IT Placements so that there is no expectation of permanent appointment with the client.

In the event of a permanent placement, the client has to pay the placement fee within 14 days of the starting date of the candidate to ensure the guarantee does not lapse, unless otherwise agreed.


We believe in career management and work only with companies who offer a firm career path for our candidates. Similarly, the people whom we recruit are serious about their careers. Our goal is to facilitate as close a match between employee and company expectations as possible.

Our consultants are thorough in their work and ensure a clear understanding of the work environment, culture and expectations of our clients. Once completed, the consultant will be able to refer to and apply this job specification every time the vacancy needs to be filled.

As experienced IT and recruitment consultants, we understand the power of a current database of candidates. We understand that our clients do not have the time to advertise for and screen candidates and therefore trust us to deliver our very best in managing the recruitment process for them.

In order to have available the best available talent at all times, we continually advertise for It professionals, but also make use of the following recruitment portals: Pnet, Career Junction, Careers 24 and Linked-In.


As specialists in recruitment, we understand the importance of high-level Executive Search. We know that some of the most important, highly skilled candidates are not available on the internet or on advertising databases. For this reason, we have a highly skilled and dedicated team of Search Consultants who ‘hunt’ candidates in the strictest of confidence and with the utmost discretion.

Corporate IT Placements makes use of the Competency Based recruitment method. This method has been tried and tested and because its foundation is behavioural-based questions, it yields far more information that what is volunteered via an interview.

Reference checking is done on the most recent employers (except for the current one) and may be structured to gain insights on deliverables with regard to specific KPAs should this be required.

CV’s of compatible candidates are drawn up in a specific standard format and forwarded to clients, either via email or hand delivered, depending on the preference of the client. Only shortlisted candidates are forwarded.

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